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Helping You to Maintain the Health of Your Ears While Supporting Your Lifestyle

Your ears are sensitive organs that are responsible for many vital functions.

Not only do they help to stimulate your brain, but they also help to keep you connected with the world around you. This is one reason why it is essential to maintain the health of your ears for as long as possible.

While there are certain things you can do to avoid damaging your ears, such as not standing next to a loudspeaker at a concert or turning your music down, sometimes certain situations are unavoidable.

Whether you’re a motorcycle rider or a truck driver 12 hours a day, there are several options for hearing protection that doesn’t require you to switch your occupation or change your lifestyle habits.

It all comes down to doing your research, and you can find everything you need to know about hearing protection below.

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Customized Earpiece

To ensure your earpiece will be unique, the first step begins with an impression of your ears. From there, we can select a device that best suits your needs, ensuring a proper fit and feel.


Ideal for hunters, shooters, and those who deal with a sudden noise, the filter on this instantaneously closes when certain damaging noise levels are reached. It protects your ears from the loud impact and allows normal hearing at all other times.


Designed for performing musicians and concertgoers, it allows the user to hear sounds accurately but at reduced levels. Three filter options are available, including 9dB, 15dB, or 25dB.


If you’re a regular swimmer, you’ll know how damaging it can be to your ears. These provide excellent noise reduction to protect your ears from damage and bacteria. They can be used for swimming and showering, as they can float.


Great for shift workers, these offer a comfortable and uninterrupted rest as they filter out loud noise.


These are designed with a hollow canal for under helmet use to reduce wind buffeting.


With a floatable material that is molded with a sealed membrane spanning the sound bore, it keeps cold water and air out of the ear canal.

It is designed to prevent surfer’s ear and swimmer’s ear, which are caused by exposure to cold water and wind, but it also allows for conversation and hearing.


For high-noise industrial environments such as a construction site.


These can be used with any bud/button style earphones to protect your ears when damaging noise levels are reached.

DefendEar 1

These have amplification to help with situational awareness as well as noise attenuation when you pull the trigger.

DefendEar 2

With two game modes, it helps to protect your ears from the loud impact. The game mode is optimized for intermittent shots, and the clay mode is optimized for continued photos.

DefendEar Hunter

It protects in windy environments as well as embedded with many digital features.

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