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Armando Ruiz - patient story


‘The Hearing Aids Have Helped Me Perform Better At Work and Live a “Normal” Life’

I remember the first time I was diagnosed I was about 13. The thought of wearing hearing aids was difficult to digest. One of my biggest concerns was the idea of being bullied at school.

My first impressions of Dove Hearing Center were that they were Innovative! The first test I got was in their mobile office. Seeing that this center had a mobile office capable of performing the same duties of a regular office fascinated me! This showed me the passion Dustin Dove has for helping patients.

The hearing aids have helped me perform better at work and live a “normal” life. Now I don’t miss out as much as I used to!

The team at Dove Hearing Center is very caring and compassionate for their patients. They help you through the way and make sure you receive the best care. I really think you should consider checking them out, you won’t regret it!

– Armando Ruiz

Dennis Clark - patient story


‘I Can Join In Conversations And Have The TV At Normal Levels’

The “Moment” I realised I had a hearing challenge was many years ago, but I still had no preconceived fears or concerns stopping me from visiting a hearing specialist.
I found the team at Dove Hearing Center to be personable, interested, and friendly.

When asked how my hearing aids have impacted my life I say ‘Huh?’ Just kidding……I can now join in conversations and have the TV at a normal level and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

– Dennis C.

Ingrid Vandenboorn - patient story


‘Dustin Is Very Easy To Work With’

I have had hearing loss since 16 months old.

Dustin helped me to get a better hearing aid and he is very easy to work with. I thought he was just another audiologist and boy was I wrong. Dove Hearing Center is the best provider in my life for 50 years! 

Dustin Dove is amazing!

I’ve struggled my whole life. I highly recommended all go and see him.

– Ingrid Vandenboorn

Jim Ford - patient story


‘Don’t Put It Off. Any Further’

I realized I needed to seek help when I could not hear or understand what my young grandchildren were saying to me.

My wife saw the sign stating “Free hearing test” and it made me stop by. If it wasn’t for her I would have just kept smiling and nodding my head when people talked to me.

I was made to feel very comfortable at my visit, it was like we were old friends.

I love my hearing aids. I now hear my grandkids. I forgot all the sounds that had faded away. Birds chirping and the wind blowing through the trees.

Don’t put it off any further. The hearing test is quick and painless. They understand what you are going through and will help you.

– Jim Ford

Joanne - patient story


‘I Trusted Him Almost Immediately’

I kept not understanding what people were saying, both on TV and in person. I could hear noises, like voices when talking, but didn’t catch all the words. I could hear things, like when I dropped something, my alarm, water running, in other words, sounds.

I was a little concerned about not wanting hearing aids or the feeling of shame and not wanting people to see me.

I was thrilled to find out Dove Hearing Center could come to my home as I had trouble getting transportation. Dustin was a very polite man, friendly and very professional. I trusted him almost immediately.

Hearing aids have impacted my life as I now enjoy being around and am more comfortable with people. I no longer ask people, “What did you say” or pretend to hear and just go along.. of course people knew, to my shame for not doing it sooner.
I would like to encourage people thinking of visiting Dove Hearing Center with my story, I encourage you to get the test and to try Dove Hearing Center, as they are truthful and reliable. They don’t just sell!

– Joanne

Larry Isley - patient story


‘I Can Go Out In Public More’

I knew I had a hearing challenge when I could hear people talking, but I could not understand what they were saying.

The staff at Dove Hearing Center spent the time needed to answer my questions.

My hearing aids allow me to go out in public more so for anyone thinking of having their hearing tested, please call them!

– Larry Isley

Stacie Mcfadden - patient story


‘I Can Enjoy The Simple Sounds Of Nature And Music’

I was in my 20’s when I was given the news that I had hearing loss. Surgeries wouldn’t improve my hearing so it was suggested that hearing aids would be my best option. I was devastated by my loss but was excited about the prospect of having hearing aids.

Hearing aids help me to understand and communicate better with others. It does take time to adjust to them but fully embracing the idea of wearing them is very beneficial.

I’m always concerned that in my case I can lose more of my hearing based on my medical history but Dove Hearing Center was able to answer all my questions and put my concerns to rest. I found them to be kind, patient, and knowledgeable

I’ve worn hearing aids for 13 years and they have a big impact on my life. I’m able to listen and communicate better. I can enjoy the simple sounds of nature and music.

I would advise people to get their hearing checked right away.

– Stacie M.

Bill C - patient story


‘Don’t worry about the process just let Dove Hearing take you through the journey of discovery’

I was in disbelief. Not ME! I’m too young. I felt that only old people need hearing aids. I was concerned that if I DID need them, what would people do/think? How will I be treated? Will people “yell” so I can hear?

I was unsure whether hearing aids REALLY would help, and if they did, how much will they help? I wondered whether I could I afford them.

My first impressions of Dove Hearing Center were that Dustin was very impressive. He asked a lot of lifestyle questions before testing my ears. He explained what the testing would tell us and how he could best match my hearing needs to the BEST solution…and that not all people need the same solution (brand).

The difference hearing aids made to my life was like night and day! I couldn’t believe how much they helped…from day one. I was hearing sounds I’d forgotten (birds chirping, frogs and crickets, wind in the trees). I could understand my grandkids better…and, of course, I finally understood what my wife was saying in her soft spoken voice.

If you are thinking about making an appointment, do it! Don’t worry about the process just let Dove Hearing take you through the journey of discovery. You’ll be so glad you did!

– Bill C.

Don A - patient story


‘Don’t waste any more time’

First time I used a phone was the moment I realized I had a hearing difficulty. I wanted in on the conversations happening around me, so I was pleased to book an appointment.

The staff at Dove Hearing Center are very positive, very nice people.

Now I can hear when I’m driving and when I can’t see someone’s face to put lip movement to sounds.

If you are thinking of making an appointment, I say go for it! Don’t waste any more time!

– Don A.


‘Dove Hearing Will Make Your Choices Easier’

My biggest concern about my hearing loss was being able to work but thanks to my new hearing aids I can communicate and maintain my job.

I would tell anyone thinking about visiting to get your hearing checked.

Dove hearing will make your choices easier!

– Pam H.


‘‘I Had Constant Tinnitus Ringing In My Ears’

I had constant tinnitus ringing in my ears, driving me crazy. But I found the staff at Dove Hearing Center to be nice, good people wanting to help.

Hearing aids have been having a positive impact in my life now for almost 2 years.

I would encourage people to visit Dove Hearing Center, they are sincere and as reasonable as they can be.

– Larry S.


‘I Feel More Connected To My Surroundings’

I first realized I had a hearing challenge when I was unable to understand conversations, even when others were a short distance away.

I had met Dustin while he was in Boise at the Hearing Connection where I got my first hearing aids. I ‘followed’ him to Emmett because I had such confidence in him.

After my first visit I felt very positive, welcome, and received great service.

I feel more connected to my surroundings, better able to understand tv, computer and video. Because of my positive association with Dustin, I would highly recommend contacting him. He doesn’t try to ‘sell’ you hearing aids. He demonstrates how good it is to hear better.

– Elaine Breen


‘It Can Change Your Life’

I worked at a hydroelectric plant before anyone knew that the decibel level was dangerous to hearing. I knew my hearing was getting worse. Years later, hearing protection was required but it was too late for many of us. I was feeling isolated and frustrated with my life when my wife suggested I get tested for hearing aids.

When we moved to Emmett Idaho, I was tested by Dove Hearing and the instruments I received were excellent and I have never known more technically knowledged or nicer people. They really care about their patients.

I was new to the area and Dove Hearing Center was recommended to me. When I walked in, the warmth and friendliness put me at ease, they are very friendly people and it’s a welcoming environment.

Hearing aids certainly improved the relationship with my wife. She was frustrated by having to repeat so much. The new aids have made it much easier to engage in conversation in groups because of new technology.

Improved hearing is a real blessing, whether with your family or the clerk at a check out counter. In my experience, Dove Hearing can bring that blessing to a reality.

It can change your life.

– Herschel Riggan


‘It Has Basically Brought Me Back To Life!’

I could not track conversations with my family and clients. It was very concerning!

I had previously been to another large chain hearing aid center and got nothing but a hard sell from them. I was concerned and that’s with the industry was like so I was very pleased when I walked in and discovered no pressure at all!

Dove Hearing Center are extremely professional and friendly people that wanted to help me!

I am now able to be engaged with my family and my customers like I haven’t been able to in the past! It has basically brought me back to life!

I would tell anyone thinking of visiting for an assessment to contact Dove hearing without hesitation and have their hearing checked.

– Bryan


‘The team are friendly and accommodating’

I kept having to say “What?” to everyone! I knew I had a hearing issue at that point.

The team at Dove Hearing Center are friendly and accommodating, so don’t put off going to see them.

– Anon

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