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6 Reasons Why Patients Choose Dove Hearing Center

We truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life. We want that for each of our patients as well as every member of our community who is struggling with hearing challenges. Our patients choose Dove Hearing Center for a variety of reasons, including:

#1 – Trusted By Hundreds of Local People

Having cared for the hearing health of hundreds of local people, our business has been built on word of mouth. Our belief is that we help you to hear the life that you love, you may advise somebody else to seek our help also.

By being trusted by hundreds of local people, organizations, and health professionals, you can rest assured that you’ll be partnering with somebody that truly cares and truly delivers on their promises.

#2 – Compassionate and Local Care

There is no shortage of options available when you’re looking to address a hearing challenge; from big box stores to online options to large ENT groups – but what we can promise that they cannot is a level of small and local hearing care.

We don’t want thousands of patients and to have a schedule that makes us too busy to give each patient the care and attention they need, instead, we prefer to schedule plenty of time for you, deliver you the care and support that you deserve … and that’s our promise, for now, and forever.

#3 – Complete Convenience with Mobile Services

It can be a huge inconvenience to travel across town for an appointment, now more than ever before. That’s why having a mobile offering allows us to travel to you to deliver advanced hearing care from our professionally fitted mobile clinic.

Hearing care has never been easier!

#4 – Favored by Many Local Assisted Living Facilities

Many local assisted living facilities benefit from our mobile clinic services that keep their residents safe and allow them to access premium hearing care without leaving the site.

This has made us very popular amongst assisted living facilities in both Idaho and Oregon.

#5 – Methodical Process to Achieving Better Hearing

Having cared for the hearing health of hundreds of local people, co-owner Dustin Dove has developed a methodical process for achieving better hearing.

This means that being fitted with hearing technology is the start line – not the finish line – and his process is all aimed at ensuring you can achieve better hearing for life.

#6 – Access to All Levels of Technology

Unlike many options available, we don’t force you down a “one fits all path” as your hearing is as unique as you are.

We find the right solution based on your unique circumstances, lifestyle, and budget and make a professional recommendation with access to all manufacturers and all levels of technology.

Dustin L. Dove professional picture

A Very Special Welcome From Our Team to You

Dustin Dove. Co-Owner

Growing up in Corvallis, Oregon, Dustin has lived in Idaho for over 14 years.

With his drive to help others at the forefront of his mind, he was initially drawn to hearing care as he recognized how rewarding each day would be. While he recognized that it’s technically challenging solving individual issues, he loves to help people every day and see the distinct improvements in their quality of life.

No one day is the same for Dustin, as he is often multitasking different projects and trying to keep the whole team afloat. As a Board-certified Hearing instrument specialist and the owner of Dove Hearing, he makes sure that all patients are completely satisfied and the whole team are supported.

From patient care, to testing, fitting and follow-up of hearing aid dispensing, he is always on hand to help and is a true representation of everything the clinic stands for.

At times, the job can be tough, but the people are what gets him out of bed each day. He loves to see the good changes in people when they are awakened to the world and they are always so appreciative of his work.

When Dustin is not in the clinic, he is a huge motorhead and loves working on cars – particularly going fast! He has rubbed this hobby off onto his 5-year-old son who he has already taught how to do this.

From exploring ghost towns and trekking through the mountains on foot or in the 4×4, he loves to get out and about every weekend. It’s no surprise that he comes from a family of Archaeologists who once a year “dig” to uncover lost Anasazi culture.

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