Mobile Service

We understand the hectics of the everyday life schedule.

We want to help lessen that chaos by offering mobile hearing care services at your home at no extra cost because we know how vital hearing care is and don’t want it left on the back burner.

How Does It Work?

Our experts will travel to you, bringing our specialized equipment and expertise, ensuring you can achieve an award-winning service from the comfort of your home or workplace.

We will perform a comprehensive hearing assessment, otoscopic ear examinations, hearing aid repair, or any service you require at your doorstep.

It’s the easiest way to access expert support and assistance from a specialist without having to travel far and wide.

Amy is so Awesome! She gave me a private hearing screen in my home, made molds for my hearing protection, and even got the seal of approval from Sunny Sunshine Kitty 😸 Thank You, Amy!”

                                                      – Susan H.

hearing test booth inside mobile clinic
dustin dove with the mobile clinic at nampa gun show


An occupational hearing screening is critical. Not only can it determine whether an employee hears well enough to perform their job duties, but it can also help deduce if noise hazards in the workplace are causing a person hearing damage. Our job as hearing health providers is to ensure that nothing is overlooked during this examination and that your hearing health is where it should be. If you would like more information, please click here.

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