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Allow Us to Check Your Insurance Coverage

The most common question about hearing aids is whether or not your insurance will cover them.

Getting answers to questions about insurance coverage isn’t always easy. Policies tend to include many pages, and the small print regarding what you’re entitled to and what’s not covered is like wandering through a minefield.

Fortunately, one of our goals at Dove Hearing Center is to make your journey to better hearing easy – that’s why we’re eager to lend a hand by checking your insurance benefits on your behalf.

Getting the highest amount of coverage typically involves asking the right questions. Our insurance specialists know which questions to ask to ensure you receive all the benefits you deserve.

Partnering with all major insurance companies makes it easier to get the answers you need and facilitate billing and payment by your insurance.

If you would like one of our specially trained insurance specialists to contact your insurance company on your behalf and find out what benefits are available, complete the form on this page with all the necessary information. We’ll get back to you with news about what we’ve found shortly.

“I am thrilled with the service and with the hearing aids that I received! The people are friendly and professional. They and my insurance company worked well together, and I received the hearing aids quickly. I am recommending them to my friends. You will be pleased with them, and their hearing aids.”

Doug S.