The frustration you feel when your hearing aid isn’t working right might lead you to toss it into the junk drawer with all of your other unused electronic devices.

Resist the temptation, because you not only lose out on the life-enriching benefits your hearing aids provide, but it’s also a waste of a significant investment.

Rather than giving up on poorly performing hearing aids, bring them to our office in Emmett, ID, or let us come to you.

Our hearing instrument specialists are eager to help make sure you continue to reap the benefits of your hearing aids, so we offer affordable hearing aid repair to patients and non-patients alike in nearby communities.

The Three Most Common Hearing Aid Problems

Hearing aid malfunctions and poor performance are usually connected to one or more of the following three problems:

Earwax Buildup. Because 20% to 30% of hearing aid breakdowns are related to earwax buildup, wax filters are a common part of modern hearing aid designs by major manufacturers. Cleaning tools and cleaning instructions are also a part of the instruction and support included in follow-up hearing care.

Moisture Damage. Electronic components and moisture are not a good combination. Corrosion, caused by moisture, damages batteries and other delicate parts, leading to circuit failures, reduced performance, or a complete shutdown.

Physical Defects. The most noticeable physical defects are a damaged case and loose wires, but damaged or defective microphones, receivers, tubes, tips, and earmolds also lead to poor performance. Replacement of these components is among the most common hearing aid repairs.

Cost Of Hearing Aid Repair

The type of repairs needed and whether or not the device is still under warranty determine the cost of hearing aid repairs.

A typical quick fix in our office can cost about $45, while more extensive repairs that need specialized parts or must be returned to the manufacturer for repair can cost up to $150.

Making a commitment to daily cleaning and faithfully adhering to scheduled maintenance is the best way to limit or avoid repair costs.

We provide cleaning tools and instructions, ongoing maintenance, and professional clean and checks as a part of our ongoing follow-up care for our patients.

Hearing Aid Repair Vs. Replacement

Hearing aids represent a significant investment to most of our patients, so repair usually makes the most financial sense.

However, under certain circumstances, replacement can be the more logical solution.

Instruments that are between three and five years old are nearing the end of their life expectancy as well as warranty coverage.

To keep up with the most advanced technology available, it is better to replace a poor performing hearing device in this age range.

Additionally, consider replacing hearing aids that have seen extensive damage or spend a lot of time in the repair shop.

In most cases, malfunctioning units will still be under warranty, but if they’re not, the cost of repairs could begin to exceed the cost of a new device.

Dove Hearing Provides Maintenance And Repair Services

Hearing aids provide plenty of benefits as long as they work right and you continue to wear them.

To ensure that both of these factors are in place, our team of hearing instrument specialists at Dove Hearing provides troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair for our patients and non-patients in Oregon and Idaho.

Contact us if you or a loved one has a malfunctioning hearing instrument for a professional clean and check or to schedule regular maintenance at our Emmett, ID clinic.

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Dustin L. Dove Owner, BC-HIS

Growing up in Corvallis, Oregon, Dustin has lived in Idaho for over 14 years. With his drive to help others at the forefront of his mind, he was initially drawn to hearing care as he recognized how rewarding each day would be. While he recognized that it’s technically challenging solving individual issues, he loves to help people every day and see the distinct improvements in their quality of life. No one day is the same for Dustin, as he is often multitasking different projects and trying to keep the whole team afloat. As a Board-certified Hearing instrument specialist and the owner of Dove Hearing, he makes sure that all patients are completely satisfied and the whole team are supported.