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Located on the bank of the Boise River, the town of Star, ID, was established at one of the river crossing points on a branch of the Oregon Trail. Our location was particularly critical for travelers in the spring months who had to divert from other trails to avoid becoming bogged down in the mud on other parts of the trail.

As a stop on the Boise Valley Loop of the Oregon Short Line Railroad, Star served as a critical link between the railroad and wagon routes throughout the area, playing a significant role in Western and Pacific Northwestern commerce. In a similar fashion, better hearing provided by our hearing care experts plays a significant role in keeping you connected to your family, friends, and community.

Many people believe that the solution to hearing loss is a hearing aid, but working with the right hearing care experts is actually the most important part. For more than 15 years, Dove Hearing has used a methodical approach combined with the best practices in the industry to provide highly convenient service and compassionate care to thousands near Star.

Using our approach, we’ve earned and maintained the trust of local citizens, organizations, and physicians who turn to us for hearing care. With our wide range of appointment settings, such as in-office, in-home, assisted living facilities, and community clinics, we help those with hearing challenges reconnect with loved ones and their community.


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When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

Hearing Assessments

Hearing loss has become the third most common physical health condition in the US, affecting 1 in 8 people and predicted by the WHO to double by 2050. Despite these shocking statistics, people continue to have their eyes tested, their teeth checked, and an annual physical but ignore or put off hearing tests.

Hearing loss is very difficult to self-diagnose due to its gradual onset, and it continues to worsen as long as it is left untreated, causing irreversible damage that is completely avoidable. However, regular hearing tests provide measurable proof of the deterioration of your hearing and allow a hearing care expert to correct and prevent ongoing damage.

Using Dove Hearing Center’s in-home or in-office options, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of our quick, non-invasive hearing tests, which provide accurate feedback about the true condition of your hearing.

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Small, Lightweight Hearing Aids That Go Unnoticed

Hearing Aid Technology

In the same way that micro-digital technology changed your old cell phones into the powerful smartphones we use today, it has also transformed those bulky, frustrating hearing aids your parents and grandparents wore into smaller, lighter weight, and far more powerful devices, eliminating the outdated stigmas associated with hearing aids.

Modern hearing aid technology features rechargeable batteries, noise reduction/cancellation, remote programming capabilities, and the capacity to stream music, audio, and phone calls directly into your hearing aids from your smartphone, television, or PC. This all significantly enhances your hearing experience.

This highly advanced technology is not only amplifying your hearing but has the potential to amplify your life. Better yet, our hearing aid specialists will help you choose from a wide range of models from the world’s most renowned hearing aid manufacturers.

Dove Hearing Center mobile hearing care clinic

Hearing Care That Travels To You With In-Home Or In-Office Appointments Available

Mobile Service

Traveling into town to sit in a waiting room is not always your first choice, your best option, or all that convenient, especially in today’s world. To overcome the challenges of health concerns, scheduling, and traveling issues, Dove Hearing Center provides our mobile clinic that travels to wherever you are to provide the same level of attention you can expect in our office.

Hearing assessments, cleanings, repairs, hearing aid fitting, and all of our hearing care services come to your door. Since we’ve established great relationships with local employers and organizations, we can conduct screenings at your place of business, assisted living centers, or your home.

With the option of in-home or in-office appointments available, Western Idaho and Eastern Oregon can reap all the benefits of the most convenient hearing care in our area.

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That’s why, if you have a question or need any advice, you can request a callback by completing this form. A member of our team will then call you for a friendly and no-obligation conversation to help.

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